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We’re beyond grateful to have you here.

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For starters – here is a bit of an overview of how the community is currently structured:

  1. Announcements: The category this is posted in! This is where you’ll find official announcements from us.
  2. The Lounge: This category is for general, non-specific questions – i.e. introductions and miscellaneous, off-topic discussions. If you’re not sure where it goes, this is the general category.
  3. Ask The Community: This is the place for questions (not a support channel, which is why we aren’t directly calling it “Community Support” as this would send the wrong message) but in a sense, this is what it is although primarily customer-led (with light monitoring and input from the RunCloud team).
  4. Community Feedback: The place to share feedback on specific things about the community, such as suggestions for new categories or anything that isn’t clear.

Important Note: The community structure and, in general, how we intend to operate this community is not about rigid moderation. As we use the community, we’re going to learn, likely restructure and split things off into more focused categories. For now, the goal is to keep it simple & our ongoing commitment is to make this an enjoyable place for us all.

This is not a support channel

Please note that although members of the RunCloud team will be involved here, this is not the place to get the best possible support.

Any questions that should be directed at support may be removed at our discretion.

For support, feel free to open a ticket in your dashboard here.

We will not tolerate negative behavior

As mentioned, we don’t want this community to be about moderation, but if we notice people consistently bringing the community down – making it a less enjoyable place for other people to spend their time and/or making others less comfortable, we may limit or restrict your access to the community at our discretion.

I strongly hope this is not something we’ll have to do and can’t imagine from all of our users I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with over the years.