WordPress 6.2 Performance Improvements

WordPress 6.2 has been out for ~ 1 month, presumably enough time for most of you to upgrade all of your sites and run some tests.

Feel free to share any findings / thoughts you have. :slight_smile:

One of the key areas of focus for WordPress 6.2 is performance, and the new release is designed to deliver significant improvements.

In a Q&A session held on 6th March, Anne McCarthy and Rich Tabor discussed the improvements in this latest release of WordPress that impact performance.

They mentioned that WordPress 6.2 had optimized the styles engine for better lighthouse performance scores. Significant work has been done to improve block style sheets and CSS loading on the front end, as evidenced by both Web Vitals and Server Timing metrics in their internal testing.

There has been an enhancement in logic to determine LCP image(s) in block themes and avoid lazy-loading it. This changeset uses the benefits of block template parts to avoid lazy-loading images in the header block template part, giving Block themes a boost in performance, with TTFB speeds up by around 20% and LCP speeds up by approximately 14%. In pages that contain hero images, the improvements in LCP are even more noticeable, with speeds up by approximately 19%.

In addition, WordPress 6.2 introduces some minor improvements, such as:

Visit WordPress’s issue tracker to see all the changes related to performance in WordPress 6.2.

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indeed with latest version of WordPress and wp rocket i had big improve in performance

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