Vultr object storage for Runcloud backups

Now that this is an option… the cost could work out cheaper than even Backblaze (depending on your use case). Vultr give 1Tb of egress for free… whereas Backblaze charge for this… small… but still. In any case, it’s work checking out.


Hey Brad,
I also want to pick up cheaper external storage for the backup. I need around 2TB of storage. I checked out Digital Ocean Spaces, Google Drive, VULTR, Backblaze, etc. It seems Google One offers really good pricing for 2TB Space.

I already use Google One Plan which gives me 100GB of storage for $17/Year and a 2TB Plan will cost me $80/Year. Should I go with Google Drive or any other alternative?

I don’t find Google Drive as easy to use for remote backups as something S3 compatible (like Vultr, Backblaze etc).

Backblaze is probably still the cheapest for storage if you don’t pull data (just store it).

… but… try things out for yourself.

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