OLS Stack Bug at RC

If you’re using OpenLiteSpeed stack at #RunCloud,

Some of your site(s) may be down already!

Subject: RunCloud Web Certificate
Issuer: RunCloud WebSSL Root CA

Ticket: 99003


Clicking “Update” under SSL tab fixes the issues.

Yea same. Rebuild config app helped. Can someone tell me what happend?

Where is this option?
I’m ok myself as I did the update and watched what apt was doing. Then rebuilt the server litespeed config.

Thank you for sharing this.

Just submitted a ticket then came here to check because 90% of my websites were down when I woke up this morning. :neutral_face:

Not how I wanted to start the day but at least it’s fixed now.

Thanks, ‘Update’ worked.

Select your application under ‘Web Applications’ → SSL/TLS → Update button on far bottom right of page.

Ok, that doesn’t apply/show if you use origin or custom certificates… only if you use autossl.
It’s all good, I was just looking for some clarification on where this option being spoken of was.