Massive decrease in CPU for incremental backups after RunCloud Agent v2.7.1 update

I’m running quite a lot of sites on a 3 CPU core, high frequency Vultr VPS and due to the CPU usage of the backup process I was having to carefully stagger the timing of the incremental backups so that they could all run during the early hours of the morning without overlapping.

The CPU usage while the backups were running was like this:

But after the recent RunCloud Agent v2.7.1 update it’s now like this:

Instead of regular 70-90% CPU spikes during the backup process it’s now down to only 20-30%.

In the changelog it has:

  • Improved: Optimize temporary cache size during incremental backup process

So a big thankyou to the devs who made that update as it’s made a huge improvement to the CPU usage for incremental backups which was one of the main issues I was having to mange with the server.



I haven´t checked this myself, but thank you for trying it out.

And thank you Runcloud for this. I think it is sometimes easy to focus just on stuff that we miss/feature requests or that does not work as expected, but it is nice to acknowledge what got done.

Thanks to @josh for pointing it out and Runcloud team for getting it done! :+1:

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