Host your own free website monitoring status page

  1. Install docker

  2. Run docker run -d --restart=always -p 3001:3001 -v uptime-kuma:/app/data --name uptime-kuma louislam/uptime-kuma:1

See more on this here: GitHub - louislam/uptime-kuma: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

  1. Enjoy the simplest self-hosted uptime monitoring for free. Extensive notification channels and amazing customisation.

  2. Optional (If you use MainWP): Vote forMainWP to integrate this into their Advanced uptime monitoring extension here: Add Uptime Kuma support for AUM - MainWP


Uptime Kuma is badass :wink: Running this already for over 2 years.

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@alex might this be a good candidate for a blog post/documentation article?`
Uptime Kuma even supports Cloudflared now, so this is such a simple and secure install, see: Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare Tunnel · louislam/uptime-kuma Wiki · GitHub

@brad Added it to the queue — definitely worth exploring. Thanks for the tip :pray:

I have installation guide on my channel and also written documentation.

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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