Cloudflare Zaraz

In case you haven’t seen it, interesting new thing from Cloudflare.

I’m yet to do some testing

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I haven’t really tried it that thoroughly, but after spending many hours trying to get Google Analytics / Google Ads to work well with Cloudflare Zaraz for a new site just as an opportunity to put it to the test, I caved and decided to just stick with Google Tag Manager again in the end. That being said, I’m excited to see the direction Zaraz goes (as you’d expect considering it’s from Cloudflare).

@Bran I’ve used Zaraz for almost all of my clients. I use it to add javascript to websites and it is really slick. The system also allows you to limit what sections of the website to not have Zaraz loaded. So Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics, Chatbots, schedulers and review generators are all things I’ve used with Zaraz

@alex you may want to consider Zaraz again. From a website’s SEO and mainly page speed perspective Tag Managers are extremely heavy and bog down your page load speed. Zaraz is much snappier with the same code adding benefit.

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